The Fox Center has a responsibility and a fundamental commitment to human beings, as the beginning and end of political action and social life, as well as the objectives, the general will and the interests of society, based on principles as well common, solidarity, subsidiarity, social justice and citizen participation.
He believes that education is the base of the main strategic factors that companies should promote to deal with prospects of success, the challenges of this century human being.

  The scientific and technological advance that is emerging as the hub of economic and social progress has as prerequisites information, knowledge, education, research and culture. These are the foundations that gave rise to the main activities of the Fox Center for Leadership Training
The challenge is before humanity is to adopt new ways of thinking, acting and organize society, in short, new ways to live.
The Fox Center will help meet this goal



It is in relation to these human and social dimensions which takes its true sense the direct link between population and economic development, which is usually made on the transition to a new paradigm, in which the Fox Center aims to be:


  • An intellectual and academic reference at international level in the field of public policy, social and economic as well as ethical leadership training.
  • A testing center with the prestige and the ability to generate ideas and influence American policy and align with the values ??of democracy and freedom.
  • A major player in the organizations, institutions and forums where political reflection is generated globally, primarily in Latin America, USA and Europe.
  • A clear demonstration of the achievements in Mexico of policies based on the values ??of democracy, freedom, transparency, gender equality and human development.
  • An institution with mechanisms and capacity to promote social development of the country and the region, and contribute to the fight against poverty.

In this context, the strategic objectives of the Fox Center to establish and strengthen its relationship with the environment are:


  • Promoting freedom and democracy in the country and the region.
  • To contribute to the abatement of poverty in Mexico and Latin America.
  • Promote social and economic advancement.
  • To promote and strengthen the development of citizenship competencies.
  • Document and promote the adoption of best practices in good governance.
  • Promote and strengthen transparency and public accountability.
  • Increase social cohesion and coexistence and reduce the economic gaps.
  • Strengthen sustainable development with equity.


  • Academic and intellectual: Leadership Training, training, research, intellectual production.
  • Policies: Meetings, conferences, debates, symposia, conferences, publications.
  • Social: Drive and support social programs such as microcredit.
  • Cultural: Exhibitions, performances, cultural events.
  • Education: Education for children and youth, workshops, interactive games.


  • Offering innovative policy proposals, and with educational and leadership development of high quality in its scope.
  • Generate research that responds to the development needs of Mexico and Latin America.
  • Preserve and enhance the cultural richness, identity and values ??of universal exchange of the arts.
  • Preserve, enrich and access through new information and communication technologies, information and knowledge in the areas of their specialization.
  • Education: Education for children and youth, workshops, interactive games.

Contribute to the training of leaders based on social values ??through a platform that promotes equity, to promote the ideas and actions of our people projecting nationally and internationally.


Training Develop quality leaders dedicated to serving his community in Mexico and Latin America, as well as form a vanguard group of people whose values ??and ethical standards attract citizens committed to the welfare of all

  • plurality
  • independence
  • pragmatism
  • Orientation Glocal (Global Vision, Local Action)
  • Innovation and creativity
  • inclusion
  • responsibility