The Fox Center provides services of the highest quality for the realization of national and international events, conferences, workshops, lectures, sessions or meetings, presentations, press conferences, awards or recognition, academic events, symposiums, formal dinners and informal , toast, outdoor training and cocktails.

We have the space to host interntaional-scale events

We venues and event rooms suitable for a particular style in different structures and facades. Take advantage and enjoy this place where nature, history and values ??of democracy and freedom will merge to create a unique atmosphere and space.

Explanada del Asta Bandera

Capacity 400 people / max. 600 people.

Explanada Principal

Capacity for 3000 people.


Ability to 100/máx. 200 people.

Outdoor auditorium

Capacity for 500 people.

Auditorium Closed

Capacity for 500 people.

Classroom 2

Flexible classroom 50/máx capable. 100 people.

Classroom 1

Ability to 20/máx. 30 people.