Where lies the Fox Center?

The Fox Center is located in the community of San Cristobal, in the municipality of San Francisco del Rincon, Guanajuato., Mexico.

Who is the Fox Center?

The Fox Center opens its doors to people and organizations interested in culture, democracy and equitable development, civil society leaders, government officials, politicians, journalists, businessmen, political scientists, teachers and researchers, and graduate students; schools, academic and research institutions, children, women, community users in other countries.

What is the fee to enter the Fox Center?

Package A (no workshop) Children $ 5.00 Adults $ 10.00 Package B (with workshop) 10.00 Adults $ 15.00 Children * Workshop extra $ 5.00

What is the schedule Fox Center?

Monday to Friday 9-17 hrs. and Saturday and Sunday 10 to 17:30 hrs.

Is there coffee?

If, on the side of the area for temporary exhibitions in the “Vault”.

What are the opening hours of the library of the Centro Fox?

Monday to Friday 9-17 hrs. and Saturday and Sunday 10 to 17:30 hrs.

Who can use the services of the library?

The Fox Center library is for everyone and for all.

Does it cost the Fox Center entrance to consult the library?


Does the center offer parking Fox?

The Fox Center parking lot is free. Spaces available for tour buses and recreational vehicles. The Fox Center is fully accessible and we have all the facilities for people with disabilities.


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