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What is it about?
The conferences are aimed at the 1500 attendees with the objective of transmitting how the speakers’ leadership has created an impact on society and
the way they transformed their environment.
Fuck up
Get ready to listen to the stories of failure of our speakers, who will tell you how these failures were necessary in order to be as successful as they are today. A fun way to destigmatize “failure”.
Meet &
A space for the speakers to share their experiences in a personal, dynamic and fresh way, in order for their stories to inspire and motivate our attendees to impact society positively.
A one-to-one space with our speakers.
Practical 20-minute sessions where our speakers tell their stories with a deeper and closer level; where the “coffee-teller” can
enjoy a good cup of coffee while answering questions.
Show room
An opportunity to get the attendees closer to the success of your company, with the aim of having a closer interaction with your success, and where ideas for new business opportunities can be exchanged.
An opportunity you cannot miss!
A comfortable and fun space where our speakers, attendees, sponsors and staff members can talk, and exchange ideas and experiences in a personal way.
We will have interactive dynamics which will ease communication and generate trustful relationships.